We are on a toxic sh*t mission!

We work in a challenging environment. Our job is to make your equipment shine, and handle the waste the best way possible. It’s all in our name – SafeClean. All in your best interest!

What we do

For over 15 years SafeClean has been providing a range of industry-leading offshore cleaning and waste management services. We are dedicated to developing solutions that make our customers’ businesses safer, cleaner and more profitable. Our closed-loop chemical cleaning process is at the heart of our cleaning and waste solutions, but is one – albeit significant – element in our complete offering.

CiPSolve® by SafeClean

CiPSolve® is your one-stop-shop cleaning and waste management solution introducing a better ROI for customers. It is a closed loop process making it cleaner, safer and more cost effective.

Cleaning services

Both offshore and at our processing facilities in Høyanger, we are dedicated to executing the highest quality cleaning tasks for our clients. We practice environmentally friendly methods for the removal of scale and deposits (such as hydrocarbons and NORM) of equipment and components – including valves, pipes, liners from hydro cyclones, separator inlets, heat exchangers.

We have facilities and eqipment to carry out both chemical cleaning and HP/UHP cleaning, depending on best practice.

Our range of chemicals are heavily tested and documented regarding environment and compatibility against different alloys, elastomers/thermoplastics and coatings.

Waste analysis

Our collaborating hi-tech laboratories offers customers a bespoke analysis of the removed waste material. This allows customers to know exactly the type and quantity of waste in their equipment, meaning they can tailor their maintenance program, to ensure and manage their operational performance.

Waste handling

Fractions of hydrocarbons, scale and other hazaradeous components – including naturally occurring radioactive material, (NORM) and Hg, – are managed through our innovative waste handling process developed over many years. Our personnel are highly trained and qualified in these disciplines, and all involved personnel know how the to treat these challenging waste fractions.

Consulting services

Over 15 years of dedicated cleaning and waste management has given us a unique insight into how these services affect operational performance. This is why we are effectively positioned to offer customers advice into how to manage their complete cleaning and waste process. From a basic health check to a total project review, we can make our customers’ operations cleaner, safer and more profitable.