Håkon Hjetland Technical Manager

Håkon looks after all of the company’s contracts, with particular responsibility for planning and execution of cleaning operations. Through his specific competence in chemical handling, he has in-depth knowledge for establishing and issuing procedures for use of chemicals and cleaning operations.

+47 98 26 08 23

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Education / Training

MSc Mechanical Engineering

  • Offshore Certificate
  • NORM
  • HSE
  • Chemical
  • Planning


Relevant Experience

SafeClean AS (2004 – )

Project Planner/Engineering (01.08. 2011 – current)

  • Responsible for planning and following-up of SafeClean projects since 2004
  • Order processing
  • Worked with planning and carrying-out CIP-operations since 2004.
  • Worked with chemicals and chemical development (R&D) since 2004.
  • Experience from carrying out CIP-operations offshore on different installations

Project- and development engineer (2007-2011)

Managing Director (2006)

Productions- and HSE-engineer (2004-2005)

Hydro Alumimium Høyanger Verk (1999-2004)
Partly employed operator while educating