SafeClean accepted as member of the EYDE cluster

Eyde-klyngen er NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) for bærekraftig prosessindustri som arbeider for omstilling til en bærekraftig fremtid.

SafeClean – a proud member of the Eyde-cluster.

SafeClean specialize in removing depositions from process systems and -equipment in addition to recycle our clients waste to reduce emissions and deposition!

We strongly believe our technology as well as highly skilled employees will assist Eyde members reaching their overall goal of a sustainable future.

More about the Eyde-cluster;
To complement the technical perspective, the Cluster focuses on human resources to develop and strengthen key competences within the organizations. These are necessary to manage the fundamental transition towards becoming carbon positive.

The range of activities covers training opportunities for employees on all levels, technical support for new resource efficient processes and materials as well as business support for newly emerging pathways.

Read more about NCE Eyde here

Publisert: 11.10.18

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