CiPSOLVE® by SafeClean

CiPSolve® is your one-stop-shop cleaning and waste management solution introducing a better ROI for customers. It is a closed loop process making it cleaner, safer and more cost effective.


Any CiPSolve® project starts with an in-depth study of the process and deposits in the equipment/system. This ensures we understand the scope and challenges for each individual project.

The right mix

Based on the study, we carefully choose the right chemical program from our range of developed chemicals to ensure the most effective waste removal and cleaning of the entire system.

System cleaning

Our unique closed loop cleaning solution is then attached in-situ to the system to be cleaned. Importantly, this ensures that no exposure of chemicals or harmful deposits to either the operator or environment can take place.

The metaly clean surface is a result of combining the right ratios of chemicals, temperature, flow and time in an optimized cleaning process.

The cleaned system then undergoes a inspection to verify the cleaning process – e.g. whether via video analysis or visual inspection.

Waste handling

Once the cleaning process is completed – which can take as little as a few minutes – all waste liquid is collected in a sealed container, ready for our closedwaste handling process. The work is carried out to the highest environmental standards. Hazardeous components, like NORM, Hg and HC are sorted out, allowing water, oil, and chemicals to be reused.The volume of hazardeous waste  can be reduced by up to 95% compared to the original waste. As much of the expenditure of waste handling and storage is determined by volume, our efforts to reduce down the waste as much as possible provides significant cost benefits to our customers.

Report review

The process concludes with a detailed report given to the customer. This report outlines, among other things, each element in the process, the results of the cleaning process and the analysis of the waste material. As well giving an understanding of the project’s processes, the report offers the opportunity to work with the customer to optimise any future activity.

By managing every element in the cleaning and waste management SafeClean is able to retain total oversight of each project, resulting in process efficiency, cleaning effectiveness and cost management.