Kjetil Hansen Administrerende direktør

Kjetil joined SafeClean in April 2016 and is responsible for the company’s business development and strategic direction. Trough his position as CEO of REFSNES-gruppen Kjetil is head of the group’s main companies Safeclean AS and Basol Norge AS. Before entering REFSNES-gruppen Kjetil has been involved in different companies within the maritime, energy and offshore market – for over 20 years.

90 58 59 13

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Utdanning / Trening / Språk evner

High school (economics) 85-87

Norwegian and English language.

Relevant erfaring

SafeClean AS (2016 – )

Seablaze Maritime Equipment AS (2014-2016)
project to facilitate “offshore port Kristiansand”

Southern Marine AS (1998-2014)
Main owner and CEO. Responsible for the company upscaling from a sole proprietorship to becoming a diversified group of companies involved with marine operations consultancy and certification, specially designed products & services for the maritime industry / fleet.
Core business sold in 2014.

Kjetil Hansen Agenturer (1995-1998)
Trade and import from the far east an different agencies within personal / household appliances.

Rolf’s Elektro AS (1991-1992 / 1994-1995)
Responsible for opening and management of the new brand store “Electrolux ElSenter” and later responsible for the main store.

Kristiansand Shipping & Terminal Service AS (1990-1991 / 1992-1993)
Started as import document controller and later transferred to the shipping department assisting the handling of Fred.Olsen lines liner Ro-Ro activities in the port of Kristiansand.